4-H Youth and Development

Our 4-H program provides a creative a supportive environment in which culturally diverse youth and adults can reach their full potential. Our local county program works to develop life skills to help young people become self-directed, productive citizens. We also work to empower adult volunteers who multiply the efforts of our local county Extension staff.

Doña Ana County Enrollment

Listed below, are the Enrollment Forms for NEW applicants. (These should not be used for any 4-H youth or adult member who was active in 4-H last year.)

The forms below are to be filled out by ALL 4-H members... (new enrollments, and active members)

Doña Ana County 4-H Calendar

4-H Calendar

Doña Ana County 4-H Newsletter

Doña Ana County 4-H Record Book

Please verify that you are using the forms with revision date January 2019 for your record book. The forms below are in pdf format. If you prefer Word documents, contact the Extension Office and we will email you a copy. A paper copy is also available upon request.

  • 2. Report Form
    This page contains information about you, your projects, and required signatures for record book.

Additional forms that may help you complete your record book.

  • Project Feedback Form
    Used to provide feedback on individual projects in the record book at end of 4-H year.


  • The Ultimate Guide to College Scholarships
    Higher education costs are at an all-time high, and landing the right scholarship could be the difference between graduating debt-free or paying off loans for years and years. Check out this very valuable resource!

Doña Ana County 4-H Bylaws

Horse & Rodeo Information

Rodeo Waiver, Horse Certificate, Futurity, and Versatility ALL DUE MAY 1!!!

Rodeo Waiver - You must attend a Rodeo Safety Workshop!!

Horse Certificate - NOT needed for Rodeo Project.