What We Teach

Eating Smart Being Active

Eating Smart Being Active (ESBA) is a series of lessons for adults and includes:

  • MyPlate and Serving Sizes: Learn about recommendation guidelines for choosing foods and typical serving sizes that provide the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

  • Food Safety: Learn four simple steps to food safety and storing left-overs.

  • Shopping & Food Labels: How to read food labels and effective strategies for stretching your food budget.

  • Meal Planning: Learn about benefits of planning meals in advance; the importance of regular meal consumption, why variety is important, utilizing leftovers, and various new approaches to preparing the food you have available.

  • Fruits & Vegetables: Learn the major nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. How to save money. Preparation for consumption.

  • Dairy: Learn the nutrients in milk and cheese products, and how many servings should be consumed daily. Breakfast and Healthy Snacks: Learn the importance of breakfast, and how snacks fit into a healthy daily diet.

  • Feeding Children: USDA MyPlate guidelines and recommended daily allowances for children. Daily menu ideas.

Show Me Nutrition and Cooking with Kids Tastings

Show Me Nutrition (SMN) is a series of lessons for youth and includes:

  • Basic nutrition education
  • Food experience
  • Physical activity

Cooking with Kids (CWK) tastings are a series of lessons for youth and includes:

  • Information about fruits and vegetables
  • Food-related activities
  • Recipes
  • Food tasting