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Presentations are available in Spanish.

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Diabetes Education

Kitchen Creations

Kitchen Creations, a cooking school for people with diabetes and their families, is jointly supported by the Diabetes Prevention and Control Program and the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service.

A healthy diet and appropriate food choices are considered the cornerstones of diabetes management. The four lessons taught in Kitchen Creations were developed to help families manage diabetes through meal planning and healthy food preparation.

The Goals of Kitchen Creations Include:

  • Increasing knowledge of healthy food choices and meal planning for people with diabetes.
  • Presenting healthy versions of familiar foods, and introducing new foods, that are economical and easy to prepare.
  • Providing hands-on opportunities to learn cooking techniques that use new or more healthful ingredients.
  • Encouraging behavior changes by preparing and tasting healthy foods.

The cooking classes are taught in a team approach by a Dona Ana County Extension staff person and a local health professional with a background in diabetes management.

Classes in Doña Ana County

Please call 575-525-6649 or e-mail Bea Favela at to find out when classes are offered in your area.

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